Falcon PL

The Falcon Programming Language is a fantastic new scripting language being developed.

Writing code in Falcon is a lot of fun, but having fun writing code generally begins with having an editor that will truly support the language. For example, look at Go from Google and Vim. They have obviously spent a lot of time making sure it comes out top notch. In that vein I have tried to make sure that Falcon is as easy and fun to write as Go is.


Falcon syntax highlighting and indentation support is built right in! If you have any issues with it, feel free to drop a report on my github page for it!

Other Tools

Other tools to help you get going and then keep on going are there as well.


I have begun work to make sure that Ctags includes support Falcon. Ctags, as a project, seems to move rather slow, and rarely accepts new contributions. On the other hand though, projects like Anjuta have (admittedly  or not) forked Ctags and include their own copy. Needless to say I got Falcon support included there for you. Anjuta-Ctags, by the way, is the version of Ctags used by Yorba.


Snippets are shortcuts that you can use to help you autocomplete code. The snippets I personally use with Vim are vim-snippets which are maintained on Github by honza. I am the maintainer of the Falcon snippets there, so if you have something you want, feel free to open an issue there and I’ll get them added for you!


Vim plugin management. This isn’t fully related, but I felt it was important enough to include anyway. If you want to use Vim with Falcon, and you want to use the vim-snippets plugin, the best way to stay up-to-date, in my opinion, is to use Vundle. Vundle uses git to help you make sure all of your plugins are up-to-date and good to go. There others out there of course (eg. Pathogen). It’s all up to you.


Finally, if you have any ideas, suggestions, requests, or code to contribute, feel free to drop me a line right here. Hopefully, with enough support from the community we can make the Falcon experience on Vim as good as any other language out there! Naturally, feel free to use my vimrc as an example of how to get all this working together. Also be sure to check out the rainbow highlighting while you’re there!

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