Very interesting language and I like the concept. Obviously erlang is a very powerful storied language that has served various industries very well. I’m betting that elixir will eventually become very popular. Perhaps not to the extent that say python is, but nonetheless it’s really looks brilliant to me.

jhbuild Sucks

I really wanted to help with the Gnome Builder project because I really feel like I have a lot I can add. The instructions to build it aren’t bad actually. They’re simplistic and straightforward. The problem is jhbuild sucks. I can’t get that stupid program to work to save my life.

I don’t understand how so many people can seem to get that to work for them. I guess it’s one of those things where once you get a setup that works you never touch it unless you have to because god forbid you break it. Your whole week is going to be shot.

Why doesn’t Gnome have a VM you can download for development. People were upset a while back because Gnome wanted to make their own distro. Do you remember that? Now, having attempted to use jhbuild I understand why and I am 100% behind that project.

SQLite 4

I just discovered there is/will be SQLite 4. It won’t be a replacement to SQLite3. Instead it will be in addition to SQLite3 with the following differences (quoted from their website):

  • SQLite4 is a complete, relational, transactional, ACID, SQL database database engine contained in a compact library that links into a larger application. There is no server. I/O is direct to disk.
  • The source code for SQLite4 is available to anyone for any purpose. There are no restrictions on copying, distribution, or publication of sources or compiled binaries. There are no viral licenses to worry over.
  • Dynamic typing is used, rather than the rigid static typing of most other SQL database engines.
  • The (default) on-disk database image is a single disk file with a well-documented and stable file format, making the SQLite4 library suitable for use as an application file format.
  • SQLite4 will be fast and reliable and require no administrator attention. It just works.
  • The implementation of SQLite4 has minimal external dependencies so that it is easy to incorporate into embedded systems or other unusual runtime environments.

I can’t wait for the SQLite4 VAPI! Maybe I should start that…

WordPress Theme Updates

I moved my blog to RedHat’s OpenShift recently (Thank You RedHat) and because of this little things like theme updates are now my job to keep up with. Which is all fine and good; I like the control. The bad part is, with this power comes unintended consequences of my actions. Upon picking my general theme I went in and modified a lot of things in the CSS. After the update most of those modifications are gone. Now I have to figure out what I did and why.

Just a tip to anyone else going down this path too.

As bad as I thought it was apparently all I really needed to do was just change the font size from 1.9em to 1.5em.