Rob Pike Keynote at GopherCon 2014

Below is the keynote video on YouTube. I always enjoy listening to Rob Pike. He’s very sage like. He’s always full of the kind of information you don’t get out of 99% of programmers. It’s always very obvious the man has spent a lot of time not just writing code, but really thinking about what he’s writing. I don’t know if listening to him makes me a better programmer outright, but it makes me wiser in how approach languages. That much is for sure.

Automated Build Systems for Vala

I just learned of another automated build system for vala. It’s called bake. It looks pretty nice. It’s written in vala and appears to support a wide variety of languages. From what I can tell looking at the source code, bake will write out old school make files for you.

The other build system that I also have never used is called autovala. autovala is vala specific unlike bake appears to be. autovala is nice, though, in that it builds out CMake files your project. I’m already very familiar with CMake so that’s a big plus for me.

I plan to check out both very soon.

Starting A Business

I’m currently considering starting my own business. More so because I crave the adventure and I have that “I will do” spirit than anything. I’m not really motivated by money. I’m not wealthy but I make enough at my current job to support my family and myself comfortably.

The problem with starting a business is there’s so much to do. Here’s a list of things I’ve come up with that I think I need to do to get things started. (In no particular order)

So far I don’t really have any of that. How obvious is it by the way that I do technology for a living based on that list?

Anyone with any experience in this willing to drop me some advice? I really feel like I’m drowning. I don’t have a lot of entrepreneur friends.

Uncrustify Works with Vala

I was looking at the progress that neovim is making and was curious about this uncrustify program that they’re using to clean the Vim source code. ¬†Upon inspecting they’re website the program appears to support Vala! Wow that’s a relief for me. My pet project balisitca really needs some code cleanup of that nature and I’ve been dreading doing it by hand. The code base is only getting larger too so the longer I put it off the worse its going to get.